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Default Multi Questions / Bugs


I have a few questions and a few bugs to report:

1) I downloaded the procaster software. I opened my game (Unreal Tournament 3) and started to broadcast. I had audio and it worked well. When I exit the game, the procaster software crashes - every time I exit the game.

2) When I restart procaster, sometimes the audio does not work anymore and I have to stop procaster, exit game, (procaster crashes here again), open it again, uncheck and check settings in aduio (without changing anything) and restart game to get audio.

3) When I first start to stream, it has a delay of about 20 seconds, but them climbs to longer intervals depending on the lag. Is this normal? At one point it was 2 minutes behind.

4)If I want to record content on my computer, either a live game for later viewing, or a demo of how to do something on a pc, does the procaster software auto make the correct video format for upload to the livestream site? Do I need to get a specific software encoder? If so, what one?

5)I want to make a how to video, but rather than record video and have audio at the same time, I may need to record video and overlay separate audio afterwards, so if I make a mistake in my speaking I dont have to record the video over again... how can I do this? I have no clue as I am new at this.

Any help would be great from the pros out there.

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