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Default Failed to encode video

I recently uploaded a video of mine, and it failed to encode, so I checked the FAQ and it said to use the re-import link, but it doesn't show that, or download for more than a second

Do I have to reupload the video? or will it just happen again
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If it failed there would be a retry button which would attempt to re-import. It's possible it failed because there was some issue with the file you tried to import however in which case the only option would be to re-encode the source file or transcode to another format prior to uploading.

For best results we recommend transcoding files to VP6 at Livestream specs (400Kbps for video and 64Kbps for audio and the resolution should be no higher than 480x360) for a standard channel as described in the userguide link below:
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Default hello

why does livestream fail to encode even though I uploaded from my local disk?
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