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Default Need a few questions answered please :)

Before I ask my questions I just want to say thankyou to the Mogulus and livestream team for producing such a great tool for us videographers and cinematographers. I also want to thank those in advance for helping me with my questions here.

I'm currently doing some research for live streaming software and tools in order to do an online broadcast of a Mixed Martial Arts fighting league fight night. I've worked a little with Mogulus before but never anything as complicated as this may be.

The shoot will be a 4 hour live event, and will consist of four cameras. We will have the four cameras patched to a video switcher via BNC, as well as audio from a stationary shotgun mic, and from the audio booth at the arena patched into the switcher as well.

The signal from the video switcher will then go to two sources. A Projector for the big screens in the arena, and to a desktop windows pc computer for the live broadcast. How this signal will go to the computer I am not so sure yet. We may have to convert the signal to a more readable signal via a Dazzler, but I'll have to hammer that info out later.

The audio from the mixer will only go to the computer. So hopefully Mogulus will be able to read the switcher's signal fine, and not glitch or lag behind when transitions or cuts or affects are applied via the video switcher panel. Does anyone have any experience with using a video switcher with Mogulus?

We also want to be able to have a time clock countdown from 3mins to zero on the broadcast. I have a feeling that would have to be done via the switcher, but is there any way to do a video overlay through the Mogulus system? Perhaps via another program or software or plug-in?

hmm, I think that is All I have for right now, I am sure I will come up with a few more questions, but for now I look forward to any help I may receive from the community . Thank you in advance again
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