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Default Wirecast

Does anyone know how improve Wirecast performance with out it eating up your CPU?
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Default Some Observations

I don't use Wirecast, but another video production program. To cut down CPU usage there are several things you can "try". However, I have found that anything under an i7 or Quad Core processor defeat video producition. Also anything slower than 2.0 mhz can also cause a problem..some other things:
Lower the frame rate
lower resolution
re-encode videos ( I use AVI as others eat up CPU)
reduce number of cameras..(However, I have not notices any change in this)
Screen capture is a CPU hog, try using only a small portion of screen
some webcam drivers are slow, this can cause a problem..HOWEVER..the best, but not cheapest way is to have a machine that can handle the load.
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I use as well as beta test Wirecast.
Your question's a little bit too general to answer. You should post your system specs.
If you set it to auto live in your broadcast setting you don't need to open the Livestream Studio.

I've run Wirecast on everything from a Windows XP PentiumD to an 8 Core Mac OS Leopard box. It all works fine.

Obviously the PentiumD has limits. A single web or DV cam along with Desktop Presenter is pretty much all it can handle.

On the Mac I can use HDV camera as well as DV and take several feeds from Desktop Presenter as well as Skype Video calls on the same box and even have Livestream Studio open.

I generally set video to about 400kbps and Audio to 96kbps.

You want to keep CPU usage to under 80%
Make sure you're using Wirecast 3.5.4 and DTP 1.0.4 for Windows or 1.0.3 for Mac
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