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Cool uploading videos

I have successfully uploaded videos from my harddrives and also from you tube. I am now trying to upload more vids form my harddrive and nothing happens.......it doesn't do anything?! Has anyone else had this problem and if so any advice?
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I had problems with longer clips, but I am sure these were not caused by mogulus but by my ISP. I would upload for 40 min and then the upload was reset to 0. And nothing in the storyboard.I think this happens when the ISP assigns me a new dynamic IP and the connection is cut? Not sure though. The problem doesn't happen when I use my internet phone at the same time.After splitting larger clips into 10min chunks this problem also stopped.

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explain what you mean by nothing?
Does it not respond to any commands in the studio? Try relogging in
Does it give you a error message saying "failed" when uploading (that message goes away if you don't see it right when it comes up on the bar that shows %)? Happens to me some times, relogging usually fixes this.
Does the bar's blue color fade and the % sign go away mid upload? This seems to be a bug with the server sometimes, but i also notice that it happens more if i have a torrent going in the background (even when i limit my upload bandwith in the client).
I'm really not sure what to tell you unless you can explain more what's going on.

Right now, try to upload a video and watch what it does. Come back and describe anything you see. If nothing happens, chances are you aren't connected to the studio, so it can't respond.
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