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Lightbulb Mulitple Uploads

Need to upload the same series of clips to lots of your channels without having to upload files to each channel individually, one at a time?

Try web import:

You will need access to a web server that uploads to a public folder accessible via HTTP and an ftp program. Any questions regarding how to do this should be directed toward your Web Master or Hosting Service. They will provide you with ftp logins, etc.

1) Upload the file(s) via ftp to your webserver.

2) Log into the first studio and choose "import from web server" in the Manage Library Section of the studio. The upload process is the same as the manual upload, except that instead of uploading the file locally from your own computer, you import it from your web server, virtually.

3) Copy the file's web address , (http://yourwebserver.com/public/videofile.xxx) from your browser into the Video URL entry box. Fill out the other boxes and choose a storyboard as usual.

4) Click "Import"

You will now see the file being imported into the storyboard as normal.

Repeat for each file/channel as necessary.

This procedure also works when importing video from sites that can give you a direct link to a video file that can be seen the property inspector in Quicktime Player and beats having to download to your computer first, then uploading it. We also use it to share files in "work in progress" productions, and upload file types not supported by the mogulus uploader such as .dv , .mpg, .divx, and even .asx, for example.

Good luck!
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I used to be able to upload multiple clips from my computer to mogulus at once by simply opening up a new tab of the studio. This stopped working roughly a month ago. One of the studios will disconnect if I try this now.
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