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While I can't do all that right now. I have further info. My computer doesn't have a sound card. It has a Sound Chip.
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I was running it just fine and had audio last night. Today I found that the audio connection program that procaster runs no longer syncs with my windows audio settings. The procaster was showing in my audio mixer when it worked and now it is not being recognized in the mixer. So the problem has something to do with how procaster integrates with windows.
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Originally Posted by TpYourHouse View Post
My <recordaudio>true</recordaudio> was already set to true. There still isn't any sound coming out of my broadcasts. Is it a problem with the recording option? I have it set to record what is on my screen and broadcast live.
Same....And when is the next version going to come out. Cause i would like to have sound, without it externally going through my speakers...loud enough to travel into my mic, then through the stream.

Thank you.
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you could try beta of next version from the forum. please let us know if you still experiencing problems

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I have tried both the beta and the regular versions of procaster. The procaster constantly rewrites procaster_global.xml to have record audio set to false. I have tried changing it with procaster on, off, ect to no avail.

Strangly enough, two days ago I was able to get the record audio to stick to true and I have no clue how. Today, after a successful session and no restart, the audio decided through no change of my own, that it didn't want to transmit anymore.

I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, every audio configuration imaginable, and the constant rewriting of "<recordaudio>false</recordaudio> to <recordaudio>true</recordaudio>". Nothing is working. This is incredibly frustrating.

I am using vista.



Hahaha. After three hours of installing, uninstalling, reinstalling, and alternating the beta release of procaster and the regular release... I finally found out what had changed.

I had unplugged my mic.

Now, I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what my mic has to do with getting sound pullled from my speakers, but plugging the mic in added the mic as an option to the dropdown of audio options. WHEN it was added, I could then click settings on the mic itself... which somehow unlocked the previously unclickable audio settings of the speakers and the other sound device, making them clickable. I selected speakers and was good to go.

This is a very strange bug. With the mic in, my record audio tag doesn't get rewritten every time I launch the program to be false. I thought I would post the solution that I found for myself, even though I have NO FRIGGIN' IDEA WHY IT WORKED. There is definately something fishy about the audio of the procaster though, at least on my vista machine running a Realtec HD Audio Manager.

Last edited by neondragon; 2nd August 2009 at 10:05. Reason: Solution found... though not a good one. This really needs to be fixed!
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