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Exclamation Cannot Connect to my studio - Please help!

I use my mogulus channel a LOT to broadcast into the Virtual World of Kaneva. I play videos form youtube, my own content, etc.

I cannot successfully launch the channel console. My username is jrfrancis the channel is paynomind.

I need help getting it to work. I have experienced the problem for about 2 weeks now. I cannot get to my console. On occation, after 30-40 attempts,it will login. But almost every time it says "error connecting to channel."

Can you please help?

I have tried from multiple computers and different times of day, form different locations.

I have hundreds of 3:00minute clips/videos in the channel in about 12-15 storybaords. is there a practical size limit to my channel?

Please help! I have fans of my music fix unable to listen because i cannot log in to my studio.

Thank you!

JR Francis

PS. I am available on cell, and all forms of Instant Messenger if that helps. Thank you.
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Default Same thing is happening to me

After recording a live session, I can no longer log on to my channel. I get a message that say, "Could not find Frequency".

What does this mean? Did I lose my channel?

Thanks for your help
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Unhappy Can't access Studio or view videos

I can't access one of my channels either. I get "unable to connect to channel" for the studio, and in trying to view the page I created on my test site, it says that "Could not find frequency please try again". It leads me to believe that this channel may have been deleted?

Ok...I just checked it and it is back online now. This was going on for a while though before I posted.

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To further clarify, I go to the studio login page, put in my info, the screen goes grey, it takes about 2 full minutes, then i get a popup that says "error, unable to connect to channel"

I havent been able to get connected for days now. for about 2 weeks, i was able to try and try and try again, and eventually it would connect. Now, nothing at all.

If there is any real, official way to get help on the software, can someone tell me that? this post is all I have, and I'm really missing out, not being able to get into my channel.

Thank you.
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I also get the same error many times. well, the "Could not find frequency" one on the channel. Epecially when there is no one on the channel watching.
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This can happen occasionally particularly if no one has viewed your channel since we rolled out a new release. In most cases it can be resolved by refreshing your browser. If it persists it is likely a larger issue possibly related to security settings or a firewall which would require further troubleshooting to find the cause. If you're frequently experiencing this issue e-mail info@mogulus.com for more direct support.

Mogulus Support
Ben Homer
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