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Default What exactly does the views count imply on a basic account clip?

I have a "Basic" account. I am at my streamed event. I fix my eyes to one of its saved stream clips. I look up to the right and next to the settings cog icon I see

-->"2 days ago 3,369 Views".<--

Exactly what does "Views" imply? I can imagine the following:

1. Amount of play clicks overall
2. Amount of play clicks by unique IP adresses
3. Amount of times the stream has been loaded* overall
4. Amount of times the stream has been loaded* by unique IP adresses

(*i.e. also the times users lose connection and continue to watch the stream after reestablishing the connection)

What is the correct answer?
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Hi Mebia,

The closest answer would be a combination of 1 and 3. Whilst Google Analytics may track by unique IPs, the event page itself does not. Any time someone refreshes the page/presses play, it would mark it as another view.

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