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Default Lag-Problem

Good day livestream-community.
As I'm at the end of my ideas I thought I might find a solution to my problem here.

I do watch regulary livestreams of two friends of mine one of them being my roommate and therefor using the same modem etc. to connect to the internet.
I can watch ALL streams without experiencing any lag except his. It keeps lagging all the time.
No one else on his stream has that problem, I know it is not my computer causing the problem.
Flash is updated, videocard driver is updated too. I have 8 GB of RAM and as I can watch any other stream without trouble it ain't my connection either.
Only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with us sharing the same internetconnection. As this is the only thing that differs me from his watchers (who, as I said have no trouble at all).
We have a 16k DSL connection so I think it should be able of handling one person streaming and one watching (it works the other way around, with him as watcher).

So...any idea how I could fix that? Or what the cause of the problem is?
Help would be great!
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i also want to know
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