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Default Stream is skipping

Just wondering how I can stop my live broadcast from skipping audio and choppiness in video and audio...it seems that this problem for me only started when the switch from mogulus to livestream happened. is my isp connection too low? do I need to make any changes to settings in my pc or in livestream?

Please advise,


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Default skipping


Try measuring your upstream speed first. visit http://speakeasy.net/speedtest/ then compare your result with the configuration of your stream. If your upstream speed is only between 400 - 700 kbps, lower the video quality in livestream studio or procaster. Or better use flash media encoder (its free) Use their H.264 format/25 fps/250 kbps bitrate/audio, mp3,22050 hz, 80 bitrate. With this set up you are only using 330 kbps upstream with quality better then the 500 kbps using livestream studio, and procaster. How to configure flash media encoder for livestream can be found in the studio itself (broadcast in high quality). Or search their help section. Addtional note: close other applications running in your pc or laptap when broadcasting to save bandwidth for upstream (yahoo messenger, skype, other online programs.)

With this set up too, you can cater to viewers with low download speed internet connections.
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