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Default Mobile Stream Monitoring

Looking at the state of this subform, it's pretty obvious it doesn't get much attention from the developers, especially when some requests are replied to saying they'll be added and then people ask about its progress two years later. I'm going to try anyway.

I request that you guys add back support for following streams from the old platform to your app. I don't care about watching them on mobile, as that experience wasn't enjoyable anyway. All I would like is being able to receive notifications on my phone for when my friends go online.

Form my 4 years experience with ObjC coding, it wouldn't even be that difficult to add. Let us search for channels, or even type in our own channels to follow, then use the NSJSONSerialization class to parse and store the data that can be found at:


as "data", where "+otherstream+" is set as the channels we wish to follow, then just check "if (data.channel.isLive)" and if it is, send a notification.

I've seen plenty of stream monitor pages online doing this in javascript, and I know it can be done on iOS. Your old app did it flawlessly and your current one can too. I'm not asking to watch old platform streams, or even chat with them, just a way to receive notifications on my phone for when my friends come online. I think numerous others would enjoy having this functionality back as well, looking at the other subforums.
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This has been addressed in other threads. The Original Livestream has not been under active development for a long time, and as such neither has the Original app.

Livestream Producer Support
Closed Thread

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