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Default Livestream Broadcaster Optimum Settings?


I just purchased Broadcaster and tried our first stream with it (I'm on the Producer Basic, page is livestream.com/pakele).

Question: For a TimeWarner Road Runner connection (1.5mb download/"up to" 768k upload), running ethernet.. source is HDMI out of Sony HXR-NX5U to the Broadcaster. Is there an optimum setting to use for quality and HDMI setting (e.g. 480i)?

Tried it for the first time and looked noticeably better BUT viewers both in Hawaii, Japan and US West Coast said most of the time, the connection stuttered/buffered quite a bit.

Is there an optimum setting? (Quality: Adap. Normal (446Kbps) HDMI: 480i seemed to work for some and not others)... also, what's the difference between Adap.Normal or Fix.Normal?

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Hi Palizzz,

While there isn't necessarily a rote "optimum" setting, it's important to keep in mind that the Broadcaster streams in a single bit-rate (unlike a PC, which can do multiple bit-rates simultaneously).

What this means is that your viewers are going to be receiving a single quality stream regardless of where they're located or what they're network/connectivity speed is. So if you're sending a high or HD bit-rate, those on slower connections or mobile devices might have difficulty viewing it. So if you're expecting a viewership across a wide range of devices and connection types, it's generally recommended that you stream at something like the Medium or Normal quality (as you did), allowing a happy middle ground.

Which leads us into the second part of your question: adaptive vs. fixed.

When an adaptive bit-rate is selected, the Broadcaster will attempt to maintain the stream at the chosen quality and adapt if bandwidth begins to fluctuate. While this means that the stream’s quality may vary, it allows for a much more stable broadcast.

When a fixed bit-rate is selected, the Broadcaster will maintain the chosen quality despite shifts in bandwidth. While the quality will be consistent, if your bandwidth drops below a sustainable level, the stream will drop frames and your viewers may experience buffering. If it happens frequently enough or severely enough, it may drop the connection entirely.

The Fixed option is recommended for users who have consistently and reliably streamed over a strong network.

Livestream Producer Support
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