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Unhappy Can't View or Download Video

I officially used livestream producers for Windows for the first time today, as I was required to make a speedpaint for my AP Studio Art class. The first recording I did went for approximately 1 hour and thirty minutes. After that, I saved as draft, took a break, and started working on the second part.

After about another hour of drawing, I finished the second part, saved as draft, and decided to rewatch them and check them out. The first video I uploaded was somehow split up into two parts, one approximately four minutes long, and the other 1 hour and 27 minutes long. The four minutes one could be viewed, the other part could not -I can't download it either, and it is very important that I get the contents of it because again, it's for my senior project at school, and that particular part contained the bulk of what my video was on.

Also, when I downloaded the second part, only half of the one hour video would download and play, even though it says one hour of footage was recorded. Removed account link because I didn't realize that drafts were public >___<

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Hi there,

Drafts aren't public, actually ;-)

Usually when a single clip is broken up into multiple parts/drafts, it generally indicates a connectivity issue. Livestream for Producers will by default save a local copy to your hard drive as a back-up. Since you're on Windows, it'll be in the Videos folder.

Livestream Producer Support
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