Old 12th March 2010, 19:15
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Default My livestream broadcast goes slow

the broadcast goes really slow and is behind what i'm doing by a good 20 seconds

how do i fix this?

please help
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Old 15th March 2010, 14:06
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Theres going to be a delay no matter what but 20 seconds apart seems like it could be a connection problem. Whats your connections upload speed?
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Old 17th March 2010, 10:27
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Originally Posted by Neigeux View Post
the broadcast goes really slow and is behind what i'm doing by a good 20 seconds

how do i fix this?

please help
This is typically due to an inadequate connection. What are your results from www.speedtest.net?

Rick Stern
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Old 9th November 2010, 17:20
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Default I have the same problem with slowness

I tested my ISP and it has plenty of upload and download speed.
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Old 14th November 2010, 23:55
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Please link to the results of speedtest as Rick asks for.
I'd also suggest running this test as well.

We can't help unless we see hard data.
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Old 9th February 2014, 11:47
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Default Upload Speed

My current speedtest.net upload test speed is 4.5Mbps, here at our church.

But, in the past 2 weeks we're running at an average of 350Kbps uploads for livestream (using LiveStream Broadcaster box). It was always running at about 1.5Mbps. I have it set to 720p.

We even have QOS settings set on our firewall, which improved it from about 750Kbps up to the 1.5Mbps. We set those a long time back to improve our outbound speeds.

Any idea whether livestream servers are limiting us, or what it could be. Because, the internet is definitely not the issue.

Are others experiencing the same thing?
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Old 10th February 2014, 12:22
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Servers don't limit the bandwidth they receive. Are you on a shared connection? Were any recent changes made to your firewall?

Livestream Producer Support
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help me please

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