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Default What cameras for quality streaming


I'm working on a project and I was hoping to ask for your input. There are going to be 4 or more stationary cameras that will be used for filming fields in a sports arena. They would like to be able to save a recording locally and stream it live onto the Internet also. I have looked into using VLC to perform this task but I would be interested in other platforms that may be suited for the task. We also want something that is reliable and doesn't require physically touching or manipulating the cameras as they will be in an inconvenient location.

Camera solution:
1. Each camera will connect and stream video and audio through an Ethernet network.
2. One possible alternative is a camera with a HDMI output that can be captured by a stand-alone network streaming device
3. We want it to be capable of streaming 1080p.
4. I have seen some cameras that might work like the JVC GV-LS1/2 but they require a PC running their software from what I could determine.
5. We prefer a wide angle camera. The GoPro Hero3+ looks nice but isn't suited for stationary continuous streaming.
6. Something that isn't going to cost a fortune but will still be high quality.

Recording/Restreaming platform:
1. Looking for something that can be easily initiated by a non technical user. A custom menu for VLC is one possibility.
2. It would save a copy of the stream to allow burning to DVD.
3. We would like to be able to stream live and be flexible enough not to be tied to a single service (Ustream, etc).

Any input is appreciated.


- Dan
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