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Default GH2's with Saffire 56 and ATEM TVS?

Hello everybody, I'm very new here and I'm hoping that I could garner some expertise. I've run into some dead ends trying to use equipment that was purchased now knowing they would be combined, and instead of buying and returning lots of gear like I have been doing, I'm hoping somebody here can point me in the right direction!

The end goal is to live stream 4 panasonic gh2's to paid subscribers of my website, while recording and combining it with hi def audio through a 16 channel saffire 56 set up within my DAW. This is proving to be a bit of a challenge!

The set is about 20 feet away from the workstation so I've run 25ft hdmi, which discovered very quickly does not work with the TVS- even with signal boosters. I then considered the black magic hdmi to sdi converter, but read on a gh2 forum that these kids don't play nice because of a frame rate mismatch. My last hope for using the gh2's ( which would be ideal for many reason, amazing pic quality, already paid for etc), is this: hook up a PCIe expansion chassis and install 4 black magic intensity pro capture cards for the hdmi lines. Run the gh2 hdmi out into these cards, then run the hdmi out of the cards about 3 feet into the hdmi in of the TVS.

My questions are-

-will the intensity cards have trouble with long hdmi runs even with signal boosters just like the TVS?

-How do I add the spdif as aes/ebu out from the saffire 56 into one channel of the atem switcher software? I purchased a spdif to aes/ebu converter, and an fbq100 as an audio delay line. The audio signal goes into the mics, live processed in studio one, output routed to spdif out, then to the aes/ebu converter, then to fbq100, back to converter, and finally into the aes/ebu of the atem. I can route audio very easily, but I haven't seen the software control recognize it or have an option to route the input. At the end I cannot get the audio to work within the tvs.

-assuming this all works out, how do I reduce the amount of data streaming to my users? 1080i 60 fps from 4 cameras is pretty vicious. Downconvert to 720? Is this within the atem software or by the streaming service provider?

-Lastly, if this set of intensity pro cards does not work with gh2's, does anybody have experience with a set of cameras that has proven to show no draw backs or hick ups? Affordable would be nice as it means I would know be purchasing 4 more cameras. I'm not a professional yet- all this gear needs to start cash flowing pretty soon!

Thanks for the help everybody!
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