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Please create a new ticket at newsupport@livestream.com with a full description of your issue or question.

Thank you for using Livestream.
Livestream Producer Support
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Default It worked for me, however...

It worked for me, thank you! However, you MUST include the "&" which previous poster kdeniss omitted in the link he/she provided. Also, I found that it doesn't work if you just add the extension to the "shortened" URL that is provided in the share URL box. You must add it to the original "long" URL that shows up in the URL box at the top of your screen when the video is loaded. Add the extension to that and THEN you can shorten the URL by using tinyurl or other url shortening software/sites if you desire.
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Default new.livestream video

I'm trying to send a link for a video to start at 9:38 (or 578 seconds)


the link takes me to the video but without jumping to the time instructed.

Is there a new way to jump to a part of a video in the "new" livestream?
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jump to, youtube

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