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Angry ability to disable word filter/censor

i know there are many of these threads already, but maybe there should be more. maybe they should be spammed! why? because the support team members always come up with a robotic response saying they will bring it up or they will do something about it. okay, fine. the problem with that? that was YEARS ago. each year apparently, these are posted. you would think the viewers can all curse by now! nope, its *** this and *** that! dont pick on my grammar or anything, im doing as much for my grammar as livestream is doing to help with the chat censors. i bet other streaming sites can disable censors, maybe we should all go elsewhere until livestream wakes up and does something that so many people are asking them to do, or maybe we should spam these threads to the forum until something is done. im getting really sick of livestream ignoring the people who are reaching out to them for help. im also sick of viewers constantly asking us mods and producers to disable censors, and we can only turn around and say "we cant, livestream wont allow us." dont make this a premium option only, either, because not everyone can afford it. that will make more people leave. also, all viewers should be able to disable it, seeing as they can make their own decisions of whether or not they can handle it. please dont respond with a robotic response acting like you are gonna do something about it, as seen in all of these threads:


talk is cheap. dont tell us, show us. do something about this. this is ridiculous. with all these threads, you would think that we could say the f-word without seeing *** instead. this thread is apparently the 7th thread asking about this. step your game up, livestream, or im leaving...

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That's right we're sick of this
idm full
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The ability to disable censoring has been incorporated into the New Livestream platform for a long time. The Original Livestream, our legacy platform, is no longer under active development.

This thread is now closed.

Livestream Producer Support
Closed Thread

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