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Default Creating a "live" Video Schedule using API?

Hello all,

I am new to Livestream, and let me preface saying that I am currently using a free account, while I learn the system.

My question to all of you who know way more than I will ever know is this -

Is it possible to obtain a video schedule thru the API?

If my question is not clear due to its basic nature, I will elaborate. Lets say I have 5 videos, obviously in an order that Livestream knows. Its knows the title, length, tags, description, etc. Is it possible to pull that information in current chart form for embedding on my website?

For example if it is currently 2pm, and someone logs into my website, they would see a current schedule of what is playing and what is coming:

Now playing: Video 1 Title Start time 1:30pm 2:45pm End 75 mins Description/Tags
Video 2 Title Start time 2:45pm 3:45pm End 60 mins Description/Tags
Video 3 Title Start time 3:45pm 4:50pm End 65 mins Description/Tags
Video 4 Title Start time 4:50pm 6:10pm End 80 mins Description/Tags
Video 5 Title Start time 6:10pm 7:20pm End 70 mins Description/Tags
Video 1 Title Start time 7:20pm 8:35pm End 75 mins Description/Tags

It wouldnt matter to me how many were showing, as long as current and a few of the coming videos were showing. And Im hoping that since it plays in a loop, it would put the first video back in the schedule after the last video.

In addition, if someone were to log in at say 5pm - I would hope that it would automatically update to show what is currently playing at that time and then what is coming.

If this is a possibility, any help sending me in the right direction to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated!

Have a great day!
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Not possible

what you can do is use the program range multichannel
used most TV stations such as commercial and public broadcasters
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