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Default JVC GV-LS2 Live Streaming Camera

I'm interested in how this JVC camera interacts with Livestream. I'm a novice at streaming, and it seems that this camera has a lot of features that I'm looking for - HD recording, remote PTZ, ability to manage up to 4 cameras with a software interface.

I'm currently experimenting with one camera. I was able to get it to show up on my Mac, but in order to use the software, I need to be able to boot up in Windows. WHile I get that setup, I'm looking at whether Livestream or Ustream would be compatible with this camera.
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Default I works BUT...

I have been testing it for the last couple weeks. Basically my setup is, I connected the camera through WPS to my Wi-Fi router. And that is simply to control it either through my crome web browser (or most others) on my iMac, or through the app on my iPhone. That has been satisfactory. Not too many problems but it took a while to figure everything out so that it would work efficiently. JVC customer service has been helpful with that.

As far as the video-out connection, I use component cables to go into the blackmagic intensity extreme capture box, then from there connect to my iMac with the thunderbolt cable. I run it into my wirecast software, which has been the best so far. I have also tried camtwist and that works too. But I would say the best choice is Wirecast. I have been streaming through ustream and that works great so far (so does Livestream). At first I had some issues but I just tweaked the settings because I believe it was my connection issues. (lowered the bit rate etc.) The only thing I need to figure out yet is audio in through the external mic input is crackling and clipping so I might need to use a mic level attenuator (as someone suggested) besides that the quality of the stream seems to be really good as long as you have a decent Internet connection but that is necessary for any type of camera.
1. Once everything is set up it seems to be easy and fun.
2. Easy to control with iPhone or iPad.
3. Great stream quality, all contingent on your Internet connection.

1. Once everything is set up (it took about two weeks because I have a full-time job, and waiting for replies from both Wirecast and JVC customer support) it seems to be easy and fun.
2. The manual that comes with it is completely worthless. It's confusing and it doesn't tell you Jack. Just google "jvc gv-ls2 detailed user guide" and it's the first result. Even that one isn't perfectly clear, hence the multiple emails with customer support.
3. There is definitely some lag. So if that bothers you then don't get it! But it doesn't matter if my viewers online are a little behind.
4. I believe that you pretty much have to run the audio through the camera so that it ensures to be in sync with your video.

PS. Still testing the quality of recording that it gives me through wirecast onto my computer. I have found it to be satisfactory but I am still trying to tweak the settings to get it even better.
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Default Connections?

Your report gave me confidence that it is possible. However, could you spell out in more detail exactly what kinds of cables and boxes you have between the camera and the computer? I'm not sure how to connect the LAN cable to a blackmagic encoder and get it to show up on the computer.
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Default HD Livestream?

Were you able to stream in HD? I know it records in HD video, but I'm wondering if it can stream high quality video. The fastest camera speed is only 15 fps, which looks a bit choppy - like a security camera.

I've got a Blackmagic Ultrastudio, but I'm not sure what kind of adapter to use to connect JVC GV-LS2's ethernet cable. I would love to know what you are using to connect the camera?

There is a pretty good video on youtube that supposedly is livestreaming in HD:
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