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Post How to connect procaster to capture audio from mixer


I broadcast my show from a radio station in philadelphia. I am the first show to broadcast online from our station. We tried to broadcast live for the first time but we had no sound.
Now our mics are connected to the mixer with a connect to our mac. The viewers were able to hear and see the videos in the que and we were able to broadcast the sound of the videos through the board live, but when we spoke they heard nothing. We dont have a camera yet, next week we will, but I thought a least the sound would be heard through the mixer. Do we need to have a cam with mic for the viewers to hear audio or is there a connection to the mixer to the mac that we are missing. I am trying to get this straight to pitch the pro version (paid version) to station management, but I need it to work to show a presentation on the benefits. Pls Help.
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If you have a mic input on your computer you should be able to connect an external mixer through that, but the studio will look for a camera source - once you have a camera this should work and you can send the mixer audio in through the camera and then export both over Firewire. Until then you may want to try capture software like CamTwist which will appear as a camera source and should recognize your audio.

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