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Default Playback not working

I've been trying to watch this recorded video ( http://new.livestream.com/accounts/3...ideos/12525952 ) but it only shows up as a permanent loading circle. I haven't had this problem with any other livestreams, including the shorter test video from the same channel.

I've installed the latest flash version, cleared my browser cache, disabled AdBlock, and tried on both Chrome and Firefox but it still hasn't worked for me. I'm running on Mac 10.6. Any help would be appreciated
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The issue is an issue with the clip itself, likely due to insufficient upload bandwidth or connection loss. Unfortunately theres nothing that can be done on the viewer end to get past that.
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I have the same issue, and we tested with several people on different networks and they experience the same issue, it never gets past the loading circle. We have a premium account with a broadcaster, when we broadcast to another regular account it worked fine but it doesn't with the premium account. What could it be?
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