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Default Same Nickname in Chat?


I recently had an issue where some viewers were able to have the same nickname as someone else in the chat and posted problematic images.

What basically happened was that in the chat, there were constant - for example - "bob changed their name to bob." messages. At the time, we thought this was simply a livestream chat abnormality because there was a user "bob" in the chat and because we had known from experience that one could not possess the same nickname as one that was being used. This "X changed their name to X" business happened to the channel owner as well, though he was using a nickname and not logged into the stream chat.

I thought maybe it was a cookie issue, so I cleared my cookies and cache and came back into the chat and the messages ceased for me. However, there were still constant "X changed their name to X" with the channel owner's nickname.

Then at some point, someone posted on the chat with my exact same nickname and posted some link which led to nonsense. A viewer disappeared on the counter and at that point, the channel mod looked into the user list and found two exact copies of his nickname (remember that he still had the "X changed their name to X" messages) and banned the other. The fact that he himself didn't get banned told him that it was someone else who had his exact same name in the chat.

I had thought it was impossible to have the same nickname as someone else in the chat. My friend and I even tested it out on his channel and I received the "Nickname already in use" prompt. This sort of impersonation is somewhat troubling.

Is this a matter of security or something else?

Thank you for the help.
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