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Old 24th February 2013, 12:08
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Angry Built a new machine specifically for LiveStream. Nothing but problems

Hi. I'm a new LiveStream member. My church tasked me with setting up LiveStream for our services. I built a new machine with a Core i7 3770k, 8GB ram, 128GB SSD. I would imagine that this machine is powerful enough to broadcast at AT LEAST "high" settings. When broadcasting at "high" LiveStream for Producers reports my CPU usage at no more than 9%. However, whenever I try to broadcast at "High or even Medium", the stream will stop and I get an error message saying that my CPU is unable to encode at the requested bitrate and that I should try lowering the bitrate. This is ridiculous. I've tried everything. My CPU has never peaked higher than 15% regardless of which bitrate I choose. I've tried uninstalling just about every piece of software on the system to make sure there is no conflict but I can't figure this out. I've been pulling my hair out for 3 weeks now. I have both a BlackMagic ATEM switcher and a Intensity Pro capture card. I've tried streaming with both and I get the same results either way.

This is frustrating since I can't call support because I pay for Basic service instead of Premium. I couldn't even post in the forum without creating a free "Old Livestream" account because the New Livestream login wouldn't work for the forums. I built my entire setup based on using LiveStream and at this point I feel like I need to look elsewhere. Please help.

Setup Specs:

Intel Core i7 3770k
8GB Corsair Dominator 1600 Ram
120GB Samsung SSD
BlackMagic ATEM Production Switcher
BlackMagic Intensity Pro PCI-E Card
2 Canon G10 1080p Cameras
Internet Speed - 50Mb down/10Mb up

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