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Default audio issues with "speakers audio"

Hi fellow streamers,

I've always had to monkey around with the sound to get the audience to hear me and hear my group on a Skype call. I noticed I lost the ability hear any audio on my side if I have all the settings working in which the audience can hear both me and the skype call.

I recently upgraded to Mountain Lion (so I can't switch back to an older version of Procaster)

When I have all the audio settings working so I can hear the skype call the speakers audio drops off in the audio mixer.
When I change the output in the skype audio prefs to audioredirector the skype call can be heard, the procaster audio mixer option for speakers audio lights up but I lose all sound to my headphones.

I've tried various headsets. my main has an audio and speaker jacks the connect to a USB dongle so I can try many options. i used to have to unplug the headset jack and plug that into the headset option on the computer. i've tried an old isight for an optional mic input. i've tried ipod headphones.

the computer:
osx 10.8.2
processor: 2.8 quad core intel xeon
16gb ram

i've deleted and reisntalled the app many times.

anyone help is appreciated.
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