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Old 17th June 2012, 13:00
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What quality setting are you attempting to stream with and what is the exact model or your CPU? Could you please also confirm you're using Procaster version 20.3 and your OS.

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Old 17th June 2012, 13:33
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My Specs:
AMD Phenom II 940 (3GHz) overclocked @3,5GHz
Windows 7 Professional x64
Procaster 20.3.0P
Resolution 1920x1080

Stream settings:
HD + High + Medium + Mobile (highest, about 5000kbps)

When trying to stream the lowest one (200kbps) the CPU usage is about 45%
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Old 25th October 2012, 19:00
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I too am having problems with this.

I used to stream video frequently, once for over 8 hours straight with no significant problems. I thought I was done streaming so I uninstalled the program. Now I find a reason to start up again and have downloaded the most recent version only to find that after about 20 minutes it starts to act up and the CPU usage spikes to 100%. Closing the procaster produces a significant drop and the video runs fine. However upon reopening procaster I am immediately hit with 100% CPU usage. Even if I have all other programs and non-essential operations closed including the video. The only thing I can figure is that the problem is somehow caused by procaster itself. The only way to prevent procaster from utilizing all my CPU is to completely restart, and again things run for about 20 minutes before it hits a complete breakdown. Testing this I have found that simply running procaster and streaming simply my blank desktop causes my CPU to spike after roughly the same amount of time.

My computer meets or exceeds all specifications stated under the 'Recommended System Specifications for Broadcasting' section here:
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Old 26th October 2012, 14:16
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Open a support ticket and include the following information:

Operating System
Any Hardware (Camera, capture card, etc) and how it's connected
If using Procaster, version number (open preferences, click "i" in top right-hand corner)
Livestream Support
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Old 30th October 2012, 13:51
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I can tell you from bitter experience that having anything less than a quad-core laptop is going to drive you crazy. I now have a MacBookPro 15" with quad-core processors and can stream high, medium and mobile quality from Procaster without it breaking a sweat! Dual-core just won't cut it. The only problem if you are a PC user it's getting tough to find a quad-core Windows laptop that has a firewire port... or even a slot to put one in.
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Old 7th January 2013, 14:30
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Default Only Solution To Stop VLC from using 100% CPU Power

also had a 2nd spare computer that is about that old and decided to try streaming and ran into the same problem, tinkered with the setting for about a day until i realized that its the Variable bitrate.

The little "vb= .." Setting is the only parameter that actually decreased the CPU load. Comparably to your computer, mine CPU was about 1.6 Ghz, and to keep the PC around 70% - 80% i had to lower the bitrate between 100 and 120 .

Then you need to adjust the FrameRate, and Resolution to try an compensate. But you you will have to understand that your computer is inadequate to take on a task of a High quality stream.

Also i noticed on certain videos that when certain CGI effect occur during video playback will shoot up the the % of usage on ur CPU.

In all tweak all the settings to find your best possible settings, for your computer; but id start with Bitrate.
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100%, 100% cpu, 100% procaster cpu, cpu

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