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Default need custom resolution and aspect ratio for desktop capture

IMO there are only two problems with Procaster at the moment:

1. You cannot change the aspect ratio for the desktop capture. We stream our channel at only 4:3 aspect ratio, however none of our broadcasters actually use this ratio for their desktop. 1280x1024 (the native resolution for my monitor) = 5:4, and most people now actually use widescreen monitors, which makes it even worse when you're trying to broadcast in 4:3. If anything, procaster should NOT use your desktop aspect ratio and instead default to the STREAM ratio.

2. Zoom in/out controls are not precise enough. We need to be able to set the exact resolution for zooming in and out (ie type in a number for the height and width). Ideally this feature would also allow you to change the aspect ratio in real-time without stopping the stream (and thus fix problem number 1).

Other requests:
A great feature would be to lock the zoom to a specific window/process (and track it as the window moves around, and keep the aspect ratio equal to the window).
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I fully agree, not being able to set a custom resolution for the 'Zoom in/out' controls is dumb. Also locking the zoom to a specific window is a great idea if you want to stream a portion of your desktop then go into the studio or do...anything else really without it showing up in your stream.
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