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Lightbulb Procaster FAQ: Common Issues and Solutions

Based on the feedback we have received regarding Procaster over the past several weeks we have compiled the following list of common problems and solutions which we hope is helpful. We will continue to update this FAQ in the weeks ahead and many of these issues will also be addressed / resolved in the next Procaster release.

1. General problems
a. Send us logs and xmls:
1. click on Preferences, video tab, and press Save Logs. this will save the logs to the desktop
2. send us the file to procaster to procaster@Livestream.com.
b. send us the sys info file which you can get by doing the following:
1. click on Windows' Start.
2. go to --> Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> System Information program.
3. Once you open this click on File --> export and send the results. (make sure that System Summary root node is selected)

In your email, please include again a description of the problem or a link to the forum thread if exists.

2. Sound does not work
a. Please upgrade to new release
b. if you are running Windows XP, and Speakers' Audio does not work, it might be that your 'internal sound' channel is muted. Every sound card comes with a different 'internal sound' channel. We support Stereo Mix, What you hear, What U Hear, wave out mix and mixed output. You can try and fix this by:
1. open Start->Run, type sndvol32 and press Enter
2. on the Play Control that will open, go to Options and then Properties
3. switch to Recording. a list with all the recording devices in your system. Make sure your specific internal sound channel is enabled
4. If it still doesn't work, you might want to continue:
a. hit OK
b. a Recording Control panel will open, with all the recording devices in your system.
c. Select, your specific internal sound channel is selected

3. If a game does not broadcast, you need to make sure:
1. that the game uses directx 8, 9, 10 or open GL, and
2. the green Livestream icon appears on the game screen.

Otherwise, the message "Please switch to the game and hit (HOTKEY)" would appear when you press Go Live, since the game couldn't be hooked.

If you don't see the green icon, the best approach would be to:
1. Close the game and Procaster
2. Start Procaster and move to Game mode.
3. Make sure that in the Preferences screen, Game tab, the icon position is NOT set to None
4. Start the game and click on it to give it focus (we hook to the game when its window gets the focus)

a restart would usually fix the issue.

When broadcasting games, if you cannot see the camera, you need to
a. make sure the camera button is checked on the main Procaster dialog
b. Hit Ctrl-2 or Ctrl-3 when broadcasting the game

4. Low frame rate/quality on screen broadcasting
a. you might want to change your quality setting on the main dialog, and/or your screen resolution
b. you might want to switch to vista basic (can be done from the preferences dialog)
c. for good screen sharing quality, you need to match the player resolution with the screen resolution, as much as you can. This means that you should be using the Embed Player code in another page, with the right width and height...

5. If you have white or black screens on 2d/3d mix:

a. update your drivers
b. try to turn on Hardware acceleration in Preferences Desktop tab
c. if it doesn't help:
1. Exit Procaster using the system tray menu
2. in Windows Explorer, go to C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\procaster
3. open procaster_global.xml
4. change the following values to be
5. open procaster again

6. If you got an 'Error opening camera' message box, close all other applications that might be using your camera, like Skype, MSN Messenger and Livestream's web studio

7. Cannot broadcast audio (this is a fix for version 53 and below)
That is a current known bug that will be fixed in next version.
There should be an item <recordaudio>false in procaster_global.xml
a. exit procaster (right click on the system tray icon and select exit. this is VERY IMPORTANT - otherwise changes won't be saved)
b. change to <recordaudio>true
c. start procaster.

if this is too complicated, you can just re-install procaster

8. Cannot capture video from Windows Media Player / VLC
The issue is with players being in overlay mode. Overlays can't be captured by Windows because they are implemented by videocard hardaware. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_overlay

The fix is to disable overlays which can be done as follows:

In Windows Media Player 11:

1. Right click on the player and select Tools --> Options
2. In the performance tab under Video acceleration click on "Advanced"
3. uncheck the "Use overlays" box (it is under the video Acceleration heading)
4. Apply these settings and it should work immediately.

In VLC Media Player:

1. Click on Tools --> Settings
2. Click on the Video tab
3. Uncheck the "Accelerated video output (ovelays) box (it is under the Display heading).
4. Save these settings and it should work immediately.

9. Audio mixing
Here's a tutorial from the user mosepose for mixing system's sound and microphone (http://www.livestream.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1590)
1. Go to Recording Devices
2. Right-Click -> Activate "Show Disabled Devices" & "Show Disconnect Devices"
3. Right-Click on Stereo-Mix -> Enable
4. Now Click on Playback ( Top Left )
5. Right-Click on Speakers ( or anythink else ) -> Properties
6. Go to Levels and activate the volume where your microphone is going in to the computer, i use Rear Pink In, so i gonna activate it and put the volume to 100.
7. Now in Procaster you have to use as Audio Source Stereomix and everything should work.

10. Invalid user name/password

If login fails, it might be a firewall issue, blocking communication. However, another problem and solution might be that Internet Explorer is in Offline position, which affects Windows as a whole. You may want to check that, too - we've seen cases where unchecking this would resolve the Login problem

11. Low FPS problems
a. If your FPS suffers, and the playback stutters, usually it would be because of low upload bandwidth or weak CPU.
b. to test your bandwidth, please use a speed test (i.e. http://www.ookla.com/speedtest.php)
c. You could also try to play with our FPS throttling in procaster_global.xml: <fps_encoder_drop_treshold> and <fps_network_drop_treshold>100</fps_network_drop_treshold>
These value represent the number of frames the Procaster is allowed to accumulate before it starts to reduce the FPS. -1 causes it to ignore it all together. Please note, that this will cause a delay in the stream, in case of bandwidth problems.

12. Do update us! email us if you find any of this helpful at procaster@livestream.com

13. Procaster Crashes at startup, how can I retrieve the logs?
You can retrieve the logs by navigating to the following location in Windows Explorer:
a. Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\procaster
b. Windows Vista / 7: C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\procaster

14. Q: My game doesn't hook, and is one of the following:

League of Legends
America's Army: Special Forces
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Battlefield 1942
Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided
Combat Arms
Heroes of Newerth

What should I do?

A: Disable UAC on your machine. Or: run Procaster as administrator

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