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Default Recorded a broadcast (nearly 7 hours) but can't view or dl

So yesterday I broadcast from our Darkfloor Live event for close to 7 hours.

We didn't have a break in transmission and I can see in my Manage Library the entry under 'Recordings' (I have renamed it to Darkfloor #4) and it was saved before we shut down our equipment around 12:52 AM but I can't view or download it.

Do I have to wait for it to be transcoded on Livestream due to it's length?
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Unfortunately this is a bug that a few of our users have experienced. It's been raised to our developers, however we will not be able to recover the lost clip. I apologize for this inconvenience. Moving forward, please always try to restart the recording before reaching the 5 hour mark.
Livestream Support
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Wow. That's quite a serious bug and has written off that entire evening of recording.

It's a bit more than an inconvenience really and that's putting it mildly. Perhaps it should be made clear to stop and archive after five hours somewhere.

I really liked your service but that's one hell of a bug. Thanks.
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Well, it does say on their information area maxium is 5 hours at a time.
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