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Default I can see my own text but my text is not visible to others

I was hoping someone could help me with this issue please

The Issue

I logged in to tidetraders/tidetraders using the login button and entered my account credentials. The login button still remains at the bottom of the chat room and when I chat I can see my own text but my text is not visible to others. This is only occurring on this channel tidetraders[/url] (Screenshot 1 my chat not visible.) In this screenshot I opened the browser page to tidetraders[/url] and followed the login procedure. Notice how the login button remains at the bottom of the chat room even though I am meant to be logged in already? This is not the case with a successful login as the login button will disappear. Then, I posted the text and opened a pop out chat and as you can see my chat is not visible to others in this room.

I have logged in to other channels using the same login procedure but the login button disappears and when I chat my text is seen by all (Screenshot 2 my chat visible.) In this screenshot I followed the same procedure as the previous screenshot but on a different channel. My chat could be seen by others and the login button had disappeared.

Things I Have Tried

I am not banned from that channel or any other, I have cleared browser's cache, deleted cookies, cleared my flash cache, and tried 4 different browsers on 3 different computers at home. I am running the latest version of Adobe Flash and the latest version of each browser and I am not chatting with a nickname on any channels I have tried. I follow the same login procedure on each channel I tried. I created another Livestream account with a different email and user name and followed the login procedure on different channels but the problem still persisted only on that channel. I have reset the router and power drained the computer. I have searched the Livestream threads and tried all the suggestions but it still has not resolved the issue. There have been livestream users with the same issue but no solutions that I have seen.

Things My Friend Tried on His Computer

I got a friend to impersonate me on his computer from his residence, he used my account credentials to try and login to the same channel tidetraders[/url] however, after he entered my account credentials and clicked the login button he received the message nickname already in use. During this I was not logged in to any livestream channels on my end. (Screenshot 3 nickname already in use. This is a screenshot from his screen) He changed the nickname from midnite 1 to midnite 11 and was able to post in chat and was acknowledged. (Screenshot 4 friend in chat after nickname change). This screen shot was taken from my screen at home after he posted in the chat. I have also tried changing the nickname but I still get the same issue of my chat not being visible to others.

Things to Note
When my friend tried logging in with my account credentials from his computer he got a message that said nickname already in use even though I was not logged in to any channels on my end
When I try to login I don’t get the message nickname already in use. If I try to change my nickname I am still not visible to others.
I have posted in chat previously before this issue occurred.
This issue started 1 week ago and it is ongoing.
I don’t seem to be really logged in as the login button remains at the bottom of the chat box allowing me to login again and again.
When I refresh the browser page and click on the user silhouette button the multiple logins disappear.

All help is appreciated

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Ok, for anyone else experiencing this problem in the future don’t assume like I did that you have not been banned. Do not rely on the livestream chat login process to notify you that you have been banned, as in my case I did not receive any messages advising of a ban or anything when I tried to login.

The first thing you need to do is think back to any posts you may have posted in chat before you experienced this problem. Some moderators may not allow you to post links in chat to other websites before getting approval. This is what actually happened in my case.

Secondly, contact the moderator of the channel and ask them to check if your IP or username is on the ban list. When you contact the moderator explain why you posted any links and if it was in fact a genuine mistake they most likely will remove the ban.

Hope this helps other livestream viewers.

Just a note to livestream support- Chat participants may assume like i did that the login procedure would provide them with a message that they have been banned or likewise. Since this is not the case perhaps you may consider adding the question “Have you verified with the moderator of the channel if you are banned?” to your list of standard questions and responses. It sure would have helped me sooner!
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