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Default Speaker audio, and microphone audio?

How do I enable it to Procaster broadcasts both the audio coming from my speakers, and coming from a microphone that's plugged in?
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You may have something in your audio settings called "Stereo Mix", or at least that's what my Realtek Audio Manager gives me.

If you enable this (and your mic of course), you will be heard both through your mic and your speakers. It will use any sound coming through your sound card. This includes Windows sound effects, music, or whatever else you might have running in the background.
I hope you have a good quality headset though. A cheap stick mic on the desk anywhere near your speakers is going to make it hard for people to hear you.

Took me awhile to figure this stuff out on my own.
Let us know how it goes.
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I don't have Stereo Mix, but I have mono and wave out mix. Will that work too?
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