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Default Help with setting up game stream

Hello livestream. I'm brand spanking new to this and I want to set up a live stream of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for me and a few friends.

I am capturing the video with my Dazzle -I usually use this for lets plays- but I can't get the audio on the game to come through. I set up my head-set so my voice comes through and I set up my speakers so speaker sound comes through, but I can not get the game audio to record.

I have tried recording from Pinnacle studio 15, the sound works but I cant see the video, I center the frame over the video screen but it won't show the recorder, I also tried using the camera straight from the procaster and that plays the video but no audio.

I don't really have the money or the time to go out and buy anything so if there is some program or something out there that will allow me to do both then please let me know. I'm really not at all tech savvy so you'll have to talk straight English to me and explain things, like I said i'm new to the whole live stream thing.

I have tested out a few other things though. Last night I tested my emulator and both sound and my voice came through, its just from the dazzle.

Edit: hopefully this is in the right place. I wasn't sure if it went here or not. It is talking about equipment but if its in the wrong spot feel free to move it.

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