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Default livestream's flashplayer in Adobe Connect

Hi Guys,

I have created a custom livestream player that connects to my organisation's channel that we are using to livestreaming.
when I run the app locally on my machine, it works jsut perfect, picks up the stream without any problem.

but when I share it in Adobe connect pro as a pod, it doesn't work at all.
this is our mission the be able to share high quality vid though Adobe Connect, because the build in camera's quality is just dreadful.

I was just wondering if you have got any clever thoughts on this?
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Default I'm interested in this as well...

@asheldrake - How has this effort panned out for you so far?

I was recently asked about this, not so much to enhance quality but to link to other content natively within the Connect meeting environment rather than have to screen share it. We know how or can imagine how poor of an experience that would be ;-).

I'd really like to talk about your progress and where I might resources on building pods for Connect.

Thanks and good luck!
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Default livestream chat pod in Adobe Connect

To pickup on this interesting topic, I would like to see a Livestream Chat window developed as a pod in Adobe Connect, to integrate the two mediums together.
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