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Default multiple cameras one sound source

I am trying to use multiple cameras but only one camera is able to be connected to the sound board of the sanctuary. When I try to connect to another camera it wants to use the onboard mic from that computer and will not allow the sound to come from the one computer/camera that is connected to the sound board. Is it possible to identify or allow only one sound source from multiple computers?
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Are you attempting to switch sources from within Livestream Studio? If so there is not the ability to maintain a master audio source while switching camera sources.

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Default Maintaining consistent audio

Does another Live stream product offer the ability to maintain one audio source with multiple cameras? It doesn't seem worth using multiple cameras if you have to use a different audio source with each one.
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While not a Livestream product, Wirecast will allow you to use separate audio and video sources and will function with our Platform.
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Default Too much effort

I wish livestream offered a master sound source for multiple cameras also. I had to split my audio source and feed a line from my main audio mixer to each of my laptops to gain the same sound feed to each camera. It required the use of a lot of mic cable and a couple XLR to 1/8" adapters for the laptops.

It was a lot of effort to set up but it worked. Althought the audio quality was not what I hoped for. I was using 2 Shure Wirless microphones and a Mackie Audio Mixer to recieve and send an audio signal to both laptops.

Good luck to ya!
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Default Master Audio Source - Livestream Studio

I would also like this feature, I am looking into buying a few hardware encoders (one for each camera) and I have my audio feed straight from a digital audio mixer feeding into Quicktime Broadcaster running on a MacBookPro, I have the same issue that I can't select a master audio source in Livestream Studio. Hope this feature gets added in future update.

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