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Question "Confirm Your Email To Start Using The New Livestream!" Email?

I just received an email from "notifications@livestream.com" with the following inside it

Hi Max Firestorm,

We are excited that you've signed up to the New Livestream.

Click the link below and confirm your email address to get started:


The New Livestream is still in Beta. That means you get to try out features that are still in development and might encounter some technical difficulties from time to time. Don't worry, it's still a ton of fun.

- The Livestream Team

I'm not entirely sure if this is legitimate or not... I've had a small wave of spam emails recently =/ Problem is, I don't want to block the email address as that (and only that right now) seems the only legitimate connection to LiveStream.

As of yet, I've not clicked the link and nor will I until I can get some confirmation on this...

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The e-mail you received was an error due in part to our continued development of the New Livestream platform. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Livestream Producer Support
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Thanks for the response. Just glad it wasn't spam XD
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Default Livestream security

I recently signed up because I wanted to communicate with a local radio show (armstrong and getty) they apparently use Livestream as the live chat path. I have since been constantly receiving phishing messages and related spam. Livestream is the only new site that has received my email address in the previous two months. From your forum that I have reviewed it seems that Livestream (in particular the recent software release) seems to have serious security problems as evidenced in several threads. Examples being "un-ban-able" moderators, the speed at which porn invades channels that are intended to be family oriented, etc. I may not know the specifics of your system I am not a total idiot, I have programmed computers in multiple languages (multiple assemblers, Cobol, C,..) for over 40 years.
2nd issue: How about a convenient link that will allow me to delete my account and all of my account data!
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I'm sorry to hear of your frustration. Security of your account and personal information is of the utmost importance to us, please rest assured your information is not being distributed or stolen. If you would like to have your account and related data deleted, please open a support ticket at the following URL: https://secure.livestream.com/myacco...ter/openticket
Livestream Support
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phishing, possible spam

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