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Default Audio showing up in Procaster Mixer, not on livestream.com

This one has me stumped. When I try to live stream using procaster (version 20.3.0M) the audio levels are displayed in the Procaster mixer, and are hovering in the yellow on both source and master, but nothing is ever heard on livestream.com (by either myself or my audience.)

I've tried numerous inputs in the Mixer, including "speakers", my built-in microphone, my USB audio input device (logitec webcam), and even by routing everything through soundflower. Nothing produces any audio on livestream.com. I've tried removing my router from the mix and connecting directly to my cable modem (to see if maybe the port for audio was being blocked,) but that didn't change anything.

Video displays flawlessly on livestream.com, either from my webcam or via desktop capture.

It appears to be a conflict with either my hardware (MacBookPro6,2) or some other piece of software I have installed, because I can launch Procaster in an OS X virtual machine and it sends audio perfectly. I've tried creating a fresh user account on my physical Mac to see if that would help, but it did not.

I've tried disabling every other piece of software that is running in the menu bar, disabling Perian, and killing a half-dozen other pieces of software, all to no avail. This would be easy to track down if Procaster had been working before, and suddenly stopped after installing some new piece of software, but sadly this is the first time I've run Procaster.

Also, it is worth mentioning that I can hear audio in other's livestreams, so it's not simply a playback issue.

System Specs:
OS X Lion 10.7.4

Any ideas?


OK, after playing around a bit, I've determined it is not ManyCam, Soundflower, AirServer, or Perian. I've also noticed that whenever I attempt to stream something from the Mac that has audio issues, there actually IS some sound, but it's just a slight fluttering noise -almost like the sound of an old cassette tape when it's playing "silence". It's very faint, you have to jack up the audio on the receiving end a LOT - but it does seem to be part of the stream because the "flutter" is only present when the stream is playing. So, now it's narrowed down a bit. I'd say that it's not a network issue with ports being blocked or what have you, otherwise there would be absolutely zero audio. It has to be something in encoding. That's the only thing I can guess.


It's not hardware. Just created a temporary partition and installed a fresh copy of OS X onto it. Livestream audio worked perfectly. I may just nuke my main OS partition and be done with it.

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Are you certain the master audio on the right-hand side of the Procaster audio mixer isn't muted?

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