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bargaw, I tested the link you posted and it was silky smooth, like everything else I've been checking tonight.

Where are you located? Who is your ISP?
That can indicate either an ISP or regional server related issue. We'd need that from the rest of you as well in order to confirm the issue.
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I'm also experiencing issues with constant bufferring making streams unwatchable.
In Sydney, Australia on Telstra Broadband Cable:

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Can you provide the channel name which you are seeing these issues on and do you experience these issues with live video, on-demand video or both? Geographical distance can sometimes cause issues but in general we see good performance for most users in Australia.

Livestream Support
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Default Unstable Aust Services.

Any new news on this?

I have found services out of Sydney to be inconsistent. Tested several connection with 800kbs to 2 mbs up with a variety of problems from Sydney to Canberra. The connection seemed to fall down in the US.

I recently saw this post on the forums posted on September 2011 which seems to identify a problem. Maybe if we are all trying to connect to New York servers this is where it falls down.

Does anyone have a network diagram of the feeds path etc?

I love the service but it seems to not be able to maintain stability. The guys did say it goes through Akamai CDN (local Sydney servers) but sounds like this is post NY servers. This also negates trying on the news TLS 4G services if it is falling down in the US.

FORUM URL http://www.livestream.com/forum/show...a+Live+Encoder

"Hi Jairo,

I'm sure you saw my reply on your ticket, but just in case here is an explanation into this:

If you are not currently aware all streams must be published to our servers in New York City. Since you are publishing from Europe the connection must make a number of hops across a number of servers, thus resulting in the lower upload bandwidth and higher ping rate. In the future we are hoping to offer the option to publish locally, which would resolve this issue for you, however we do not have an ETA on when this could potentially be available.

You may wish to try encoding with Flash Media Live Encoder to see if you experience better results with another encoder. It is available for free at Adobe.com. More information about FMLE can be found in the following section of our User Guide:


Livestream Producer Support"
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Thumbs down probs

I have serius problem with FLME and Livestream.

Only LIvestream live jerky video, when start FLME the video is ok but the audio comes second after (25-30 seconds sometimes).

You can look my today last video performance. I have 650K in upload and use 450 today with FLME, and high video quality in livestream only without FLME.

I want buy premium LIvestream but if the effect are these...i'm not buy, sorry.

I upload live from italy.
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up...somebody answer?
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Unfortunately your upstream bandwidth does not meet our minimum requirements. A minimum of 700kbps upload bandwidth is required to stream successfully using our service. You could however try streaming at a lower bit rate (no higher than 250kbps) to see if this helps your issue, however I cannot guarantee that it will.

You can review our minimum requirements at the following URL: http://www.livestream.com/userguide/..._on_Livestream
Livestream Support
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