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Default Can't get it to broadcast my game at all

If I use screen, All I get is a black screen when broadcasting, It works in windows but soon as I maximize the game all it renders in a black screen.

If I use the game setting, It keeps getting the error that I need to select my game. and push Ctrl+F1.

Any idea's?

I'm using
Windows Vista 64Bit
Core I7
Asus P6T Motherboard
6gb of ram

I also have no sound from the tests I did.

Any suggestions? :\
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Ive actually had this from the start, I usually wait about half a minute and it appears like magic and then a while later the audio desyncs.

its usually 10-15 seconds but with some settings it takes up to 45 seconds.

I can talk to people while doing this and it helps to chat a bit while you wait but its usually less than half a minute.
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