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Default Problem Getting Verified

Hello everyone,

I am the owner of a video game streaming channel which has been around for a few weeks. I have constantly applied to Livestream to get verified because of our 50 viewer limit, and each time, I have gotten denied because of the channel being "new, inactive, or small".

During the few weeks we've been up, we've constantly hit our max of 50 viewers, we've saved a lot to our channel, and we've been live for most of the time. It would be great if my channel were to get verified and we were able to advertise and get more people to watch us.

The channel name is PenguinGamers.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that we can get verified soon.

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Our channel gets 50 viewers at peak times with no problem, and occasionally we hit the peak even during dead hours. We have hours of content on the autopilot, as well as almost constant live feeds, I do not see the reason or continual denial.
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We've had good streams so far and we have regulars, it's great so far but with this cap limit there have been problems for some people.
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When streaming, we often have over 40 viewers. Even our autoplays consistently have viewers in the 25-30 range. The biggest obstacle that our channel faces right now is that we cannot advertise because we hit the cap so fast when we do, leaving a lot of unhappy possible viewers. With the amount of activity we have shown, the consistent viewers, and the many hours of autoplay material, I don't understand why we are being denied approval.
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Default Verification

Hi all,

Please send all verification inquiries to verification[@]livestream.come. Be sure to include the channel(s) name that you'd like to have approved. Thanks for using Livestream!!!!

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