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Thumbs down Unnecessary script is breaking responsive web design

LiveStream's server-side code loaded from an embedded iframe has scripting that is breaking responsive design techniques.

I'm working on a live-streaming page that uses responsive web design. I've figured out how to resize the LiveStream player, but it only works on refresh, not resizing. The problem is built into LiveStream, not my code.

Looking at LiveSteam's code that is loaded through the iframe, I found that #layout4 and #layout4-lsplayer are both using Javascript to captured the width and height of the iframe upon load, and the script is then adding this width and height as inline styles to both divs.

<div id="layout4" style="display: block; width: 960px; height: 564px; ">
<div id="layout4-lsplayer" style="width: 960px; height: 564px; "> </div>

This means that if the iframe is resized from responsive web design, that the script has already set a fixed pixel width and height to the internal player. The only way to resize the player is to refresh the browser, which is poor practice for responsive web design.

After the page has loaded, I can strip the inline CSS from these two elements, and every works perfectly. In reality, this seems quite unnecessary, especially if the width and height are being set (twice) in the iFrame code.

Please turn this off and make the code more semantic without the inline CSS, or else tell us how I can override it and prevent LiveStream's script from breaking the layout on my site.

However, it would also work to override these pixel values with a percentage, like 100%, so I can let me design control the size, not LiveStream's Javascript.
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