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Default What happens at 10GB storage

Alright so I have a free account, and I know there's a 10GB storage limit.

Since anything that is live video shot with Procaster automatically gets recorded and stored, what happens at the 10GB limit, will it automatically delete the oldest videos? What about videos I specifically have in my ON-DEMAND section?

Basically what I'm using my channel for right now is streaming live video gaming sessions, and then it saves them, what I'd like to do is be able to choose which ones I want as ON-DEMAND videos, and have those STAY, and have the oldest of the other ones automatically deleted.

Also, I'd love to have an option to NOT have everything automatically saved, but when I press a key-combination, say, Ctrl+F2, to have THAT start to be saved to the Mogulus servers, and not my entire stream. Most of the things I'll be streaming aren't worth keeping, especially if its a 5 minute long point-of-interest within a 2 hour gaming session... there's almost no point in keeping it all for that 5 minutes.

I hope this is possible, or will be in the future.

A scenario... Let's say I'm playing WoW, and I've been playing for a good hour and a half straight, and we're about to do a raid, now that raid is what I want in my ON-DEMAND section, not the entire play session, so I could just press Ctrl+F2 to save just that section of video (Until another Ctrl+F2 press) to the ON-DEMAND/Mogulus servers, there's no need for me to have EVERYTHING archived... especially with a 10GB limit.

Please let me know, thank you for your continued support and amazing product.
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We have not started enforcing the 10GB storage limit yet and will provide notice before doing so, most likely there will be an option to purchase additional storage if and when we begin enforcing this limit.

Mogulus Support
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Oh alright, so no worries for the time being then!

Can you tell me if there's an option to NOT automatically record EVERYTHING that is streamed? Is there a way to stream a [lets say] 5 hour gaming session, but only actually record a half hour of it for on-demand viewing?
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So will channels that have more than 10gb of content be cut off or shut down?
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Smile Sounds good

I like the idea of being able to purchase more storage, Ben, as long as it`s affordable for some of us on a shoestring budget. It would be better if you never start enforcing the storage limit lol , but I was hoping the purchase of more storage would be an option for us.
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