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Default Steam launch + Procaster = Black Screen

I apologize if this has been answered somewhere, but I've searched pretty deep and have not seen anyone having the same problems.

Problem: Procaster works perfectly with all of my games (other than the ones that require Steam), until I launch them using Steam as a shortcut so I can have the UI in-game. Again, it works perfectly fine, unless I launch said application through Steam, in which case the game never actually loads up and every program on my computer locks up and I'm forced to force-restart or force a log-out.

I've tried putting several programs on the ignore list and messing with the hooked process checkmark (I feel bad I don't know exactly what that does even though I'm an IT).

AMD Athlon X4 Deneb quad @ 3.8GHz
12GB of two different types of very fast RAM
Several TB of space, running a 10,000RPM VelociRaptor as my main HDD
NVIDIA GeForce 2gb Palit GTX460
3 monitors (no, this has nothing to do with it, it does the same thing with one monitor)

As a note, I have a friend with an identical rig to mine who has no problems running games through Steam using the Procaster and I've duplicated his settings on my end and still have this issue persist.

If anyone has any ideas that would be great because I'd really like to stream while maintaining Steam UI chat functionality. Also would like to stream Steam games in the future, which this prevents me from doing.

Another note: Yes, I have reinstalled the Procaster and Steam.


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