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Question Using a video switcher with multiple inputs

I would like to use mogulus.com to broadcast live events that I help produce. I need your help to figure out exactly what kind of gear I need to make this happen. I have a complicated scenario. During the live show, I need to switch between 3 professional cameras that are sending the live camera shot, playing videos that I only have locally (not uploaded to Mogulus), and displaying full-screen custom graphics from another laptop. I imagine the easiest way to do this would be to send all of those inputs into an external video mixer/switcher, and then send just 1 audio/video line out of the video mixer and into the mogulus studio. If that sounds correct, do you have a suggestion of exactly which video switcher brand/model to use, and if the video switcher needs to have any particular feature requirements? Is there a difference between a video switcher and a video mixer? Additionally, do you know if I will need to use a scan converter when bringing videos (that have audio) and full-screen graphics into the video switcher? Most importantly, how can I be 100% sure that the audio/video signal that the video switcher outputs to the mogulus studio will stream live properly? My primary concerns is that I don't want to go out and purchase thousands of dollars of gear just to find out it's not compatible with mogulus. I plan on upgrading to the Pro version as soon as I can learn exactly how this process will work reliably. Thanks for your help!
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Default i can tell you exactly what we use

We are operating on a budget as well and have managed to pull together exactly what we need to do what you want to do.

4 rca or svideo inputs, 1 mixed out with fades, wipes, chromakey, pip and preview ect. There isnt much out there in the "Prosumer" range, most video switchers are either $29 or $20,000. There is a great one however at bhphotovideo.com for $1000 and its the one we use in the studio and at mobile events. Ours is an edirol v4 and we love it.

as far as getting the video feed into mogulus smoothly we do it 2 ways. The best way uses a canopus advc110 which pushes rca video and audio through firewire. Unfortunately the canopus is like 300$ and is really hard to get to work on a PC but its got the best quality of any of the other rca to usb/firewire units out there. Mogulus studio or flash media encoder has no problem picking it up as both a video and audio source and the firewire connection really helps to keep processing power devoted to the broadcast alone.

if you have any questions please feel free to email me at haroldiv@gmail.com or skype me at haroldiv
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local video, multiple cameras, multiple inputs, video mixer, video switcher

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