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Default Help! Camera advice needed

Hi everyone, I searched the forum but could quite find what I was looking for. I'm trying to find a camcorder with the following specs to livestream an important event.

- sub $1000 price tag (used is fine)
- non-cassette/disc media (SSD, HDD, SDHC is fine)
- Confirmed connectivity with livestream procaster (I have USB2.0/3.0 and IEEE 1394 on my laptop). I have HDMI and DVI as well on my Sager NP8130 but I'm guessing they are both output-only.
- Ideally could record at the same time as streaming live to the firewire. If this isn't generally possible, does anyone know of software that will record HD quality while livestream procaster is simultaneously streaming? I know procaster records but I don't think it's a high def image. My laptop is a high-end gaming laptop so I'm not worried about processing power here.
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