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Default Can the HD quality channel be mobile compatible on-demand?

Currently I am using the H.264 High channel quality. I would like to increase channel quality to HD but I do not want to lose mobile compatibility through on-demand delivery outside of the Livestream mobile app.

I suppose if I record using the service with HD quality setting the recorded file will be FLV not MP4. True?

If I still produce content and upload it as H.264 will is be playable at a higher bit-rate on mobile devices?
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The quality settings only affect uploads. If you are configured for HD 1700kbps, an mp4 file you upload will transcode to flv and will not be viewable on mobile devices. For live broadcasts, mobile devices will be able to view your stream as long as the encoding software is configured to output H.264 video and AAC audio. Note that broadcasts done in Studio and Webcaster will not be available on mobile.

If your channel remains at High H.264 700kbps and your uploads have a larger bit rate than 700kbps, they will be transcoded to meet the channel setting, however they would still be viewable on mobile.
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Thank you for the clarification.

Will Livestream 2.0 have higher H.264 options?
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The New Livestream player will be fully adaptive so that viewers will get the highest quality video they are capable of viewing on web or mobile.

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