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Angry Soooo angry!

So, I go to livestream, and the thing tells me "Oh hey maybe this version of Windows will help your screen look better, so change to it!~" so I did, and now that I've finished, my version of windows that this computer came with WILL NOT GO BACK TO NORMAL! I am SO PISSED at livestream right now, I hate hate hate it! I'm on the verge of crying because I HATE this old version of Windows and I was very happy and comfortable with the version I had! Can someone PLEASE tell me how to change it back! I would be so grateful!
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maxf234, you can find all versions of procaster here: http://www.livestream.com/userguide/...caster_Release

Could you indicate what you don't like of the latest version?
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You can disable this option in Procaster by opening the preferences, clicking the 'Desktop' tab, and setting the "Switch to basic scheme" option to never.

To switch back to the aero scheme within Windows 7, right click on desktop, select personalize, and select a theme from under the aero options, then Click OK.
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Smile Reset

If you re set your pc to a time before you made the changes thing should go back to normal
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