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Old 3rd April 2009, 21:16
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Default Video Lags, Goes To Black, Graphics Won't Show, Mogulus Struggles To Sync 2 Viewers

When we first started using mogulus, it functioned great. The past 3 weeks we have had nothing but problems. The video goes black while broadcasting. The graphics stop working during the broadcast. The recording feature stops working during the broadcast. Mogulus struggles to sync the one or two people we have monitoring the stream. We have not yet begun to advertise that we are streaming live. When we do, we plan on launching a TV advertising campaign as well as promoting our channel through direct mail. (All things which we have done with success in the past when promoting other aspects of our ministries.) However, none of these things are an option if things don't improve somehow, we'll either cancel our plans or we'll find someone else to use.

Oh, and before someone says something about bandwidth or connection speed etc., none of our settings have changed. None of our equipment has changed. Our internet access has not changed. Our bandwidth has not changed. The computers we use to monitor the feed has not changed. It worked great when we first started using it.

I am sure that there is a solution to these problems, and I am sure that the folks at mogulus will work their hardest to fix them. It seems obvious that we are not the only ones experiencing them. So we patiently await the solution.

God Bless.
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