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Default Error Opening Camera

[Accidentally posted this in a thread under Windows Procaster so reposting here.]

I connected my Canon ZR930 (listed as "certified") and did a "Go Live" test run. Everything worked. Did another test a few seconds later (after changing a couple of Desktop settings) and got an error: Error Opening Camera (it can be busy).

Have tried restarting the camera, restarting the application (version 20.2.39 by the way), and switching the Desktop settings back to what they were. Nothing has worked.

I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Procaster. Same thing happened. Worked perfectly the first time, got the Error opening camera message the second time. This time I did not change any settings -- just clicked stop, then Go Live again right away. This is very frustrating.

Procaster recognizes the camera and I can see a picture if I go into Preferences > Video > Cropping. I just can't get it to "Go Live" with it.

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm using a Macbook Pro running OS 10.6.8
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Please open a ticket with the above mentioned details and a link to this forum post at the following URL: https://secure.livestream.com/myacco...ter/openticket
Livestream Support
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Default Our Solution

We went through 2 desktops (xp pro sp3 and win 7 ultimate) and a laptop (win 7 premium), 2 video cards (osprey and asus) and a usb converter, and probably 15 versions of procaster, all to no avail. We finally got around this issue and streaming fine by using Adobe Flash Media Encoder. Works great.

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