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Default Lag that I just can't get rid of

I'm new to Livestreaming... but right now I'm trying to do an Amnesia live stream, but the lag is horrible. It makes it impossible to play... Sometimes it even disconnects me and stops the broadcast.

I've tried tampering with the bandwidth; lowering it and raising it, I've lowered the game graphics all the way, tried connecting myself to the modem so I wouldn't be relying on a poor wireless connection, I make sure NOTHING else is open while attempting to live stream, etc. etc.
No matter what I do the lag is still there.

I'm running my game and procaster on windows 7. The computer itself runs on 4GB ram and isn't even 1/3rd full yet (not sure if space matters for speed but if it does then space should not be the issue). I also do rely on wireless internet, but hooking it up to the modem also did nothing for me.

Any suggestions to help me with my horrible lag problem when playing Amnesia?
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Please provide the following:

Version of Procaster (Preferences > Click italic 'i' in top right corner)
Results of a speed test from www.speedtest.net with destination server set to New York, NY

Sounds like your computer may not be powerful enough to stream and play Amnesia simultaneously. In addition to turning the game graphics to low, you may also want to try to turn off local recording (Preferences > Desktop > Uncheck 'Save video to file') as well as broadcasting at the lowest quality settings (Normal or Mobile).
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